An Easy 8 Step Process by CertaPro Painters

Exterior house painting in North Vancouver by CertaPro Painters
Interior painting by CertaPro house painters in North Vancouver
Exterior painting in North Vancouver by CertaPro House Painters

Whether the house painting project is an interior or exterior painting project in and around North Vancouver, BC; CertaPro Painters are dedicated to make it a great experience for all involved. Our process and attention to details allows us to be able to restore life and beauty to any home and ensure it is done right! Our objective is to ensure we get the job done right for our customers. Let’s walk through the process.

[8 Step Process] by CertaPro Painters

1.) We Start the Right Way:

Because new paint sticks best to a clean surface we use a pressure washer and elbow grease to remove all the dirt, mold, and mildew, and allow the house to dry the appropriate amount of time before any products are applied.

2.) We Do Great Preparation:

Everyone knows the foundation of every great paint job involves prepping the house before primers and paints are applied. We draw on years of painting expertise to understand the exact types of paint deteriorations homes in this area may experience because we’ve painted so many like it. From scraping and sanding to caulking and sealing, we use the right techniques in the right order with the appropriate products to ensure the paint job will last. To find out more about this exact process, check out our Surface Preparation page.

3.) We Properly Paint & Protect Your Home:

The combination of priming and finish paints with the correct number of paint coatings is what will protect this home for the long term. Our skilled painters apply only the best products available for each home’s specific needs.

4.) We Provide Help Choosing Colours:

We are experts at helping homeowners select a colour scheme that anyone would be proud to show off to family, friends, and neighbours. We have lots of colour resources to make choosing paint colours less stressful. It is a real collaborative effort between our experts and our customers.

5.) We Perform Quality Repairs:

We never paint over problems. During our prep processes we made sure to be thorough enough to uncover any damage or dry rot. We utilized our experts at all forms of common carpentry repairs to help complete this project.

6.) We Communicate Simply and Clearly:

We never keep our customers in the dark. Depending upon the preferred communication method – in person, on the phone, via email or text – we are happy to update our client regularly on what was done, how things are progressing, and what is to be expected next in a timely manner.

7.) We Respect Your Time and Property:

When we are invited in to these homes the trust in us is appreciated. We are the professional exterior and interior house painters who go the extra mile to continue earning that trust by protecting personal property, showing up when we say we will, and respectfully answering all questions and concerns. But don’t just listen to us, see what our customers say in unbiased and unedited reviews.

8.) We Delivered What Was Promised:

When it comes time to pay the bill we ensure the customer does not find the cost to be more than they were quoted. How do we deliver on this promise? We start by creating a highly detailed proposal with a fixed price for the stated work. The price we give is the price that is expected to be paid. (If unforeseen circumstances require changes to the scope of work we would discuss the changes with our customers first and agree on a new scope of work and pricing prior to any additional work being performed).

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